Hispanic Market

**Credit to the Rutgers Latino Information Network and the Pew Hispanic Center**

  • U.S Hispanic spending has been doubling every ten years; Spending $210 billion in 1990 and $1,036 trillion in 2010
  • With 1.6 Million Hispanics in New Jersey, we have the 7th largest Hispanic population in the country
  • The Hispanic population is expected to grow by 167% by 2050, according to a Nielsen report
  • Ad campaigns debuting in Hispanic magazines brought in $91.5 million during 2011
  • Hispanics make up 18% of the New Jersey population
  • 41% of Hispanic households have only a cell phone. What does this mean for your marketing campaign?
  • 31.9% of Hispanics are enrolled in colleges
  • In 2010, Mexicans comprised 63% of Hispanics in the U.S. In New Jersey, the largest segment of Hispanics are Puerto Rican
  • 51% of Hispanics want to be labeled by their country of origin
  • Hispanics in New Jersey spend 11.4% of all NJ spending. That’s not a number to be ignored!

Latinos make up 18% of Middlesex County‚Äôs population, a 45% growth from 2000 and 2010,and continues to grow. With 1.6 million Latinos,NJ is boasting the 7th largest Hispanic population in the U.S and this number is growing. As a result,Hispanic businesses are leaving their mark on the county’s economic health. It is estimated that Hispanics will contribute over $1.2 trillion to the general U.S economy and U.S Hispanic spending is doubling every ten years!

In recognition of this significant sector, the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce has established the Central Jersey Hispanic Business Council. We are on a mission to simultaneously increase the presence of Hispanic businesses and provide better access to the growing Latino market. With networking opportunities, seminars and programs for regional businesses, members can generate new partnerships while forging new pathways for business development and increased market share.

Our annual Hispanic Business Expo is the Council’s largest Hispanic and non-Hispanic networking event of the year! Check out www.mcrcc.org for more information.