Targeting the general market Peruvian style

CATB Liquor Import

CATB Liquor Import

By Susana G Baumann

Many Hispanic business owners keep their businesses within the confines of the Hispanic and Spanish-speaking markets, sometimes due to language barriers but mainly because they are unfamiliar with best practices to target the general market. However, the majority of Americans seeking Latino products enjoy their exotic flavors and unique style.

César Texeira, principal at CATB Liquor Import, quickly understood this premise and obtained his import and export license in 2003. Although he had been working in the food and beverage industry for many years, he realized the genuine opportunity was tapping into the general market offering well-known Peruvian products.

When he was invited to participate as an exhibitor at the Hispanic Business Expo of NJ, he jumped at the idea of networking, reaching out to the NJ regional business community, obtaining referrals, and developing brand awareness for his Peruvian products. He has been a faithful participant since the expo’s inception and plans to do it again this year.

“We import prime quality liquors and wines from Peru that have been very well-received by the American market,” said César. “Our main strategy is to showcase our products at wine tasting events and expos to attract the general markets as well as other Latinos that are unfamiliar with Peruvian spirits and wines. The expo has worked very well for us.”

Many American tourists visit Peru throughout the year, become familiar with local drinks and want to continue enjoying them when they come back to the US, César explained. “Not only we offer them specialty piscos and prime quality wines but also many recipes and ways to mix the spirits. Stop by our table to taste our delicious traditional drink, Pisco Sour, and receive additional ideas to make your own mix. Cheers!”




2 ounces of Pisco Quebranta

4 ounces of orange juice

¾ of grenadine syrup

Ice to taste

Slices of orange and cherry to garnish



In a long glass add 4 ice cubes, Pisco and the grenadine syrup. Then add orange juice to fill the glass. Garnish with orange slices and a cherry.

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